LAPD McDonald’s Incident Update

Despite the ongoing investigation, at this point, LAPD Investigators have found “no criminality” in how 12 Officers who ordered at a Compton Walmart Supercenter McDonald’s became ill. It was first reported that the harmful substance that made the Officers sick was placed intentionally in their drinks. Indubitably, though, the toxic substance (canine excrement) accidentally made its… Read More LAPD McDonald’s Incident Update

Things Are Pretty Shitty!

So many shitty things happening in the world right now! Let’s see: COVID-19 (aka “coronavirus,” “The ‘Rona,” or “Da Coro”) is wreaking havoc around the world, decimating economies, killing thousands of people, and forcing people (if they’re smart!) into self-isolation and/or quarantine President Trump is bringing his Hitler-esque ego-boost rallies indoors with his daily televised… Read More Things Are Pretty Shitty!