Future Trump White House Guests

Death A plate of ribs from Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill The comedy stylings of Mike Huckabee The Shit Demon from “Dogma” Billy Bob, the Showbiz Pizza bear Chthulu Carlos Mencia The General Lee car from “Dukes of Hazzard” The bones of Al Jolson Kendall Jenner

LIST: Things Liberals Value More Than Black Lives

Saying they have a black friend Dogs Cats Pet rescuing Cauliflower Brussel Sprouts Riced vegetables Trader Joe’s Whole Foods Poke Touching black people’s hair Mission-based activities Upward mobility Netflix Cable prestige television Storytelling Storytelling podcasts True crime as entertainment Black music Complaining about rap music misogyny The ability to say the n-word Ride-sharing services Brunch… Read More LIST: Things Liberals Value More Than Black Lives

How to Really Celebrate Diversity

Got this in the mail and was immediately excited. FINALLY, no more racism! No more police violence! Ignorant whites will see color! “Evolutionists?” I have a bad feeling about this. FUCK! “Something special begins at sunset each Friday evening?” Something sexy? C’mon, sexy! Don’t be something… FUCK! I guess we’re not celebrating diversity after all.… Read More How to Really Celebrate Diversity