Booing Donald Trump in Public: Power Rankings

1. Donald Trump Gets Booed at World Series — October 27, 2019 It pays to be first, setting the template for public floggings to come. This booing had EVERYTHING: The national pastime as a festive backdrop, about 50,000 people in attendance, millions of people watching around the world, and social media instantaneously commenting on the… Read More Booing Donald Trump in Public: Power Rankings


I was in a restaurant at a museum of sorts in rural Hungary in 2007, seated across from my then-and-so-far-only long-term girlfriend, about to take in a spoonful of steaming goulash. We were a few days into my first (and only) visit to the Eastern European country, and she was introducing me to cultural delights… Read More Laughter


I wish I could go with the flow, being blissfully unaware of how my presence is perceived in the world. It’s a defense mechanism, a shield of protection, a way of ensuring I can arrive back home at the end of the day. Perhaps that sensitivity is due to the belief that my blackness automatically makes me a target — of derision, fear, fetishism, violence.… Read More Hyper-Awareness