Random Thoughts on Relationships

(NOTE: No research went into this blog.)

I’m just throwing this out there, and this is based on years of observation and experience: Most relationships will ultimately fail and dissolve.

This is not something coming from a negative space. In fact, this is coming from a place of calmness and positivity, as I hope to show.

Here’s something many people know about marriage in the United States: about one of every two marriages will end in divorce. Some will guess upwards as far as two-thirds of marriages, while others may dial it down to about 40 percent. Either way, that averages around 50 percent. And the ones that go the distance will ultimately end one way or another. (Sorry to get morbid.)

General dating relationships are no safer; in fact, you could say that they are more prone towards failure than success. Think about the number of people you’ve dated in your life. And what happened? For one reason or another, those relationships didn’t work out; whether it was a lack of communication, trust, infidelity, violence or a missing spark, it didn’t work out. Nothing wrong with that, of course.

It takes a lot of work to have a successful relationship, as well as having things in common and qualities that make the other person want to stay with you. And even will that said, most relationships have a certain lifespan.

Now think about this: people have a certain criteria when it comes to meeting someone. Whether it is looks, personality, lack of body odor or visible back hair, we have a mental checklist of what we are/are not looking for in a possible dating companion.

The problem is, this could be eliminating possible sparks that could result by not taking a chance on the unconventional. And I’m not suggesting that the dude with the hunchback and lazy eye could be the father of your children; maybe the one guy that is sweet on you but is a little needy, or the girl that has blond hair instead of brown might be a better match than you would give them credit for.

So maybe giving that person you wrote off–quickly or let down easy–could be a good dating match for you. Hell, they could be “the one.” It couldn’t hurt to try something new; after all, with most relationships bound to dissolve anyway, what is there to risk? Besides, you know, finding someone to click with. 


One thought on “Random Thoughts on Relationships

  1. i made a list when i was in 7th grade of 75 different things i expected to have in my future spouse… i am getting ready to get married now and i have to say he meets each requirement i had in mind. i think people just need to learn to have reasonable expectations for their significant other. =)


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