The Anti-Valentine's Day Movement

February: still cold in most places in the Northern Hemisphere; people are coming down from Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, about to be hit with the uppercut of capitalism known as Valentine’s Day. Naturally–or man-madely, if you want to believe the wags that the festival of romance is a cash grab for the greeting cards industry–thoughts turn to love around the time of February 14, so I present a few thoughts on the subject of the heart.

The Anti-Valentine’s Day Movement

Oh sure, there are millions of people that are raiding the stores, looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day card and gift; millions more planning a special Valentine’s dinner for their sweety; and many more flocking the florists for flowers to lavish upon their snickerdoodle (or whatever other sickengly-sweet nickname you’ve given your little sugarpea).

And then, there are the anti-Valentine’s crumbums.

These are the paranoid, conspiracy-based charlatans that believe that not only is Valentine’s Day another money-ciphering vacuum concocted by “The Man,” but also go out of their way to pound it into people’s heads. Their outlets are mostly internet based; their message scribed in sarcastic-laced words or ironic drawings; their venom, searing.

Now I can understand their apprehension towards the day. While I am all for the celebration of love, having one day a year to beat people senseless into buying crap that won’t last the following week is hollow. And the cries of showing that special one every day instead of a designated one is sensible. But hey, most people need a reminder because they have too much going on, like remembering to watch American Idol while cramming Funyuns down their gullets and hee-hawing at that British fella with the weird accent and sassy comebacks. But I digress.

However fair-minded you can be about the day, it’s become more and more obvious that there is an underground movement decrying Valentine’s Day. And whether these are loners who hate the holiday for being a reminder of the love they’ll never have, or the remnants of what they once had, here are a few snippets that range from funny to mean spirited:

But while some can be witty and funny, you have to wonder how much is too much; whether there is an undercurrent of hostility and melancholy fueling these. And that’s cool. I’m just curious whether this is a growing trend as we become more distant from each other–thanks to technology–and more socially agitated when it comes to connecting with others in person. I guess we’ll know for sure when our families give us cards like those above.


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