Gangsta Muumuus!

Where leaders roam, the herd will follow: such is the case for most things in society, whether it is the latest trends in language, media or, in this case, fashion.

Fashion is dictated by tastemakers, and like many things, “urban” (I hate this word when used in some ways, but it does apply) trendsetters often dictate what styles the common person will wear in the future. Backwards caps? Started out as an urban style. Baggy pants? Urban. Do-rag? Urban. Big asses? Urban. And so on…

So what’s the newest trend? What is “The Man” keeping his ‘evil eye’ on as the next big thing to capitalize on? What are most people snickering at now, while secretly wanting to wear it themselves?

The big-ass t-shirt!

Walk around any major city or ghetto (as people love to say), and you will see teens and adults waddling down the streets in these cloth tubes. Often single colored — black, white or possibly red — and accompanied with baggy jeans, they flow in the wind like a sundress on a college campus. It’s like they’re wearing gangsta muumuus.

So does “keeping it gangsta” mean wearing enough fabric to use as a parachute? Will said gangstas re-enact the infamous Marilyn Monroe pose when a windy updraft catches them off-guard?

And how long will it be before honkeys decide to make it their own?

Damn it! K-Fed is co-opting it already!

So keep an eye out: wherever there is a douchebag, there is a copier of fashion; wherever there is a teenager trying to act out and rebel, there is a copier of fashion; and wherever there is an area of a majority race, there is a copier of fashion. And I bet that the big-ass t-shirt will become the next trend for douchebags to copy.

Oh, and because this made me giggle:


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