Trip to Chicago: No Time to Relax

People often wonder why I travel to Chicago so often. I’m no longer surprised when someone brings this up with an exaggerated number of trips I’ve taken that year. Every time I am about to go to the Windy City or I come back, I am usually engaged in conversations that go like this:

PERSON: Trevor, you sure go back to Chicago a lot. Why do you go back so much?

ME: Why? Because fuck you, that’s why! *smile*

I might not actually curse them out and smile like a little girl with a secret, but I often want to. I don’t find any problem traveling back home to visit my family several times a year — about 4-6 times, if you really want to keep count. Hell, I love my family — which I tell them almost every chance I get — and if that seems weird to people, that says more about them than me. And who wouldn’t want to be in Chicago, one of the coolest, most culturally diverse and interesting cities in the world?

ANYWHO, I made one of my millions of trips to Chicago recently, hopping the plane back home for several reasons. Family, friends, photography, the arts: I had my reasons. And I’ll explain them below in pictures and words:

See these two folks? I previously knew them through an online messageboard that I frequent. The tall one that is taking a picture, Arran, was in the U.S. for vacation from New Zealand and staying with Jane, and I thought that it would be cool to meet up with them.

Our travels took us to:

The Museum of Science of Industry — only after I got lost traveling by bus from downtown to the South Side of Chicago. After realizing I was in a bad neighborhood — with several semi-nervous calls to and from my parent — I finally met up with my friends and got this picture. Awww…

We also went here:

For fans of the seminal movie, there was tons to see, like:

The famous field,

The famous corn,

The famous… sign stating the famous field,

The famous… souvenir stand…

The famous Field of Dreams drink coozy…

Needless to say, there wasn’t much to the Field of Dreams. However, the trip from Chicago to Iowa was a lot of fun, getting to know Jane and Arran and singing to good and bad songs (“This is how we do it”). It was fun hanging out with them, making fun of rural customs and all that jazz.

During my trip home, I also walked around the downtown Loop area, taking pictures up the wazoo:

(This was actually in suburban Bolingbrook)

I also visited my dad, cousin Corey (visiting from out of town) and my grandfather. I made a trip to Peoria in central Illinois, seeing several of my college friends and being reminded of how much I missed them. I met up with some friends that I used to work with, having plenty of drinks and engaging in karaoke. (“Tron” made another appearance, singing Creed’s “Higher.”) I also had a chance to see my high school friend, Lawton, and his new wife, who currently reside in Peoria.

So with all that traveling, rest was an unattainable commodity. Weary, I got on the plane back to Phoenix and back to the heat and questions of why I went to Chicago again. Hell, as long as I can enjoy family, friends and the awesomeness of the Second City (psst… that’s Chicago, for those that don’t know), fuck you, that’s why!



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