Blacks Hate Gays! (Or: Why the media needs to shut up.)

With the passing of Proposition 8 in California several weeks ago, gays and lesbians were denied the right to marriage. Denied. They had the right, which was given to them several months prior, taken away.

I’m not going to get into the specifics of the proposition, the reasons why it happened, or the fallout as a result of its passing. I will admit that to deny a segment of the human population rights because of their orientation is not something I agree with. Being a black man, my relatives and predecessors suffered terribly to gain equal rights on par with their Caucasian brethren. And we are seeing the same struggles right now in the gay community.

But the hypocrisy and injustice is not the only thing that upsets me about the reaction to and concerning Proposition 8. The thing that was even more infuriating and horrible was that after the Proposition 8 results, most news outlets took up air time with statistics focusing on the majority of black voters being against Prop 8. Why single out a single race — and a minority race at that — for the damning results to deny rights to a group of people?

It makes you wonder if there was some hate on the part of those pointing the finger, as if their coming out to vote for Obama was reason enough to transfer their pouting about the results onto another issue entirely. But that would be senseless and worthy of a conspiracy theory…

It came off as racist on the media’s part, and in a way, highlighted a major problem in several groups: the media as well as the African-American community. (Oh, and those in general who voted against it.)

I wish I could have made my voice heard, as I live in Arizona. Arizona had its own proposition (102) that banned gay marriage, but did not give voters the opportunity to even decide whether it could be an option. So my vote was wasted.

I didn’t hear a peep about Arizonian blacks denying gays the right to marriage because there wasn’t anything in it for the media to report on it, and because Arizona is still hella racist and ignorant. (They were the last to recognize Martin Luther King, Jr’s birthday as a national holiday; THANKS, McCain!)

Maybe the next time something like Proposition 8 comes up, the media can find a scapegoat besides the millions of black voters that come out to exercise their vote for a president. Perhaps in a few years, we can blame other people, like those who simply decided to vote to take away those rights because it was their personal belief — never mind their race, color, creed or TV habits.


One thought on “Blacks Hate Gays! (Or: Why the media needs to shut up.)

  1. However proud you are – you are an idiot whiner. Blacks got blamed in your words – or should be given credit – my words – for the passage of proposition 8 because blacks proved the margin of victory. In comparison to other races Blacks voted disproportionately for Pop 8 when compared to other races. Whites and Asian voted just slightly against 47 to 48% Latinos voted just slightly in favor 52 to 48% – basically a wash for all three groups (or within the statistical margin of error). Without the Black vote it loses. Blacks voted over 70% for Proposition under 30% opposed – statistically unlike any other racial group. Not sure that you can understand that or accept it. But you should be proud – having known hate unlike any other group you are now the foremost proponents of hate. Don’t fool yourself – look at your community it is what you are best at – self-hatred, and violence against others with a complete inability to stand up and say stop.


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