Happy Holidays from…

In these uncertain, turbulent economic times, the Chandler Pawn Center is there. For you.

With the holiday upon us, Chandler Pawn Center can get you the money you need for costly gifts via cash loans, like video games, stereos and the all-important glock:

With the job market slackin’, you best be packin’.

And it’s not just about buying gifts; hell, you might need money to feed your brood of kids. Well, the Chandler Pawn Center has you covered.

That’s right: they will buy your house from you! Cha-ching, indeed!

Whether it’s one mistake or a hundred, the Chandler Pawn Center will bail you out — like the U.S. Government with irresponsible businesses. After all, they are as charitable as good ol’ Saint Nick:

The Chandler Pawn Center: Because even Santa knows where to get his “piece” from, especially when taking down terrorists sons of bitches.

Resident approved.

(Please use other door.)


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