The Car Seat Covers of Douchebags

Hey there, wannabes, jerkwads and Long Island inhabitants! Is your car interior in need of being pimped? Wish that your seats reflected the tacky, brazen personality of your AXE-sprayed epidermis? Want your butt and back coddled by the visage of zoo animals? Well, Christian Audigier has once again risen to the challenge, creating the car seat cover for such a consumer:

The Ed Hardy car seat cover: when devil girl and Hello Kitty covers just won’t do.

The Ed Hardy car seat cover shows that you mean business, if that business is showing the world that you are a follower with the most base of tastes. The world will know that you like your car innards like you like your t-shirts and water: loud with a chance of jackass.

But hey, you’re expressing yourself, right? And Ed Hardy is your self-expression to show how awesome you are. Good luck telling others that you aren’t a cast member of VH1’s Tool Academy!

The Ed Hardy car cover seat also matches well with the Ed Hardy car air freshener (sold separately). Unsurprisingly, it also smells like AXE:


The Ed Hardy car cover seat. Try to convince people that you didn’t clothe your seat backs in black velvet paintings from the ’70s!

Also goes well with Ed Hardy coffee traveler cup.


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