McDonald’s Unleashes Turd Sandwich, Idiocracy

Just when fast food restaurants were on the road to recovery from ridicule from KFC’s Double Down sandwich — a concoction of two chicken breasts encapsulating bacon, cheese, Colonel’s Sauce and shame that seemed engineered in a drunken college student’s apartment — and its sheer lunacy, McDonald’s is all, “Bitch, please!” and craps out (literally) the Mac Snack Wrap:

McD’s didn’t even try with this one; It’s a hamburger dookie drenched in cheese, shredded lettuce and thousand island dressing, wrapped in a wax paper tortilla shell. And customers have the privilege of paying $1.49 to eat this on the go, preferably with a 128-ounce Hyper Gulp soft drink!

This has to stop. Where is the bottom of this fast-food idiocy well? Between Domino’s Pizza throwing carb-obliterating messes their grade-school chefs dream up, and KFC doubling down on diabetes, it’s like corporations are throwing up their hands and groaning, “Fuck it.” Should we start the countdown for Burger King’s Muy Loco Whopper, two hamburger patties containing salsa, broken tortilla shells and tres leches cake?

Watching fast food restaurants race down to the lowest of the lowest common denominator of cuisine is like watching a Jersey Shore spelling bee. In this case, the customers lose.


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