Scott Baio Ruins Lives

For those of you not up on your internet gossip, pop-culture trainwrecks and/or VH1, actor Scott Baio is still alive — and he’s not too happy about it. When he’s not wondering where his career went or assaulting people who make fun of him, he is having internet memes erected in his honor.

However, even people like Scott Baio can’t let people have fun at his expense, and the Scott Baio Ruins Everything blog was silenced. (He doesn’t have a sense of humor? I thought he was in on the joke that was Joannie Loves Chachi!) That doesn’t mean that the fun can’t stop!

For example, imagine what happens when a drug addict and woman abuser encounters our sour antihero:

And what if Charles was in charge of time-travel?

If you said hilarity, you are awesome.


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