Chris Brown Tweets!

Hey, remember Chris Brown? The R&B singer/actor/woman-beater/Nation of Islam clothing representative?

Good. Well did you know he’s on that social networking site the kids call the Twitter? Oh yeah! Chris Brown’s Twitter page is a stream of consciousness from the man who thought it was okay to batter his woman, ruminating on everything from the microscope of fame to where ladies should be shoppin’.

Folded neatly between his poetic waxes on life are little nuggets of wisdom and insight into the complex, intricate mind of the one and only Christopher Maurice Brown. And rather than posting text versions of his musings, I thought it would be more fun to illustrate his tweets on varied ponderings.

You are in for a treat.

(Apologies if you can’t read the text. Text color and Photoshop is hard for a beginner.)

In example 1, Chris gives sagely advice on self-esteem:

Isn’t that sweet. Not as sweet as the woo Chris like to fling all over the ladies:

Whoa, slow down there, slick! You’re all over the place:

Well that wasn’t very nice, Chris. How do you feel about other people?

Uh… huh… Well, you wouldn’t make fun of someone of your own race, would you?

Oh… oh boy. Oh, hey, let’s switch gears here. Chris obviously knows the pain of insecurity and jealousy:

Hmmm… a frank look at the emotional pangs of someone acting out of rage fueled by fear and poor self-esteem?

Okay, maybe I gave too much credit. Well, at least he can try to be nice?

Dammit. I’ve had enough. Anything else?

I’m done feeling sorry for you, jerkstore.

Even in his tweets, Chris Brown has managed to hurt my brain. I guess it comes with the territory, AMIRITE? Anywho, I guess it’s true what they (in this case, me) say about trying to change your image:


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