When Marketing and Chili’s Meet

Let’s say that you’re a middling themed restaurant and you want to advertise your latest promotion. Some would say that appealing to a wide range of people would be in your best interest. Others would say that using tasteful copywriting and graphic design would draw in a lot of people.

Those people are pussies.

If Chili’s latest ad campaign is to be believed, common sense was thrown out the window for an in-your-face, balls-to-the-wall blitz to the senses:

That’s right, dieters and practitioners of self control. You are being called effeminate.

The need to go alpha male on potential customers is not a new tactic; making people question their inadequacies is as old as former Dallas Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson in those creepy Extenze commercials. But what happens when it’s just bad marketing, potentially alienating the buyers you covet?

Like this:

I didn’t know that Speedy Gonzales liked chips and salsa!

Or this:

Who knew that a lunch outing would be comparable to a teenage sleepover game? Or the worst game of chicken ever?

Anywho, throw caution to the wind, avoiders of carbs! No reason to be considered a cowardly girl! Because at Chili’s, “Chili’s soups, salad, chips & salsa out the wazoo!” is not just a terrible medical condition. “IT’S A DARE!” motherfuckers!


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