It’s “Harvest Time” at…

The holidays are upon us, and like clockwork, they bring: credit card debt, drunken blackouts and family yelling! At Chandler Pawn Center, you can erase that first one with money for your gently-used goods.

(Sadly, selling items for cash can’t halt the tide of marital dysfunction — or so I hear. It’s not like I spent many a night wondering when daddy would come home with a shiny Super Nintendo game system instead of a half-empty bottle of Crown Royal and a copy of Mass of Ass. IT’S NOT LIKE THAT, DAD!)

But hey, you can also put aside shiny trinkets on layaway:

You know what else can be put on layaway? Maybe a Super Nintendo system — one that would excite and delight a young child just wanting to get the hug that he longed for as he looked out the window as his father drove off for that pack of cigarettes almost 20 years ago! Six easy payments of $10, DAD!

Anyway, Chandler Pawn Center can even hook you up with discount sales:

Who doesn’t like a discount? No one that I know of… that is still in my life. YES, I still hold a grudge. IT WAS MY 8TH BIRTHDAY!

Resident approved.

Tell them Al sent you. At least Al’s there for me!


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