Chili’s, You’re Getting Annoying.

Hey Chili’s. I know I made fun of you recently for your very aggressive and semi-racist e-mail advertisement co-opting Mexican stereotypes, but now you’re just being annoying in a weird way:

Why would you send me an offer that I can’t see, Chili’s? And why has it been viewed too many times already? I don’t know if this is ironic cleverness or stupidity that I can’t comprehend — what with my education and understanding of being a decent person to others and all.

I received a follow-up several hours later, apologizing for their nonsensical actions:

Seriously, Chili’s, cut the bullshit. These “new, exciting” future offers will probably be as bland as your chicken fingers, and they’ll be just as recklessly sent out as your chicken fingers are through my bowels.

Don’t make me write an open letter, Chili’s.


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