Tickets to Mayhem Fest 2011!

A few things about this clusterfuck:

  1. If you want to promote your concert as a quality show, showing a metallic demon skeleton riding two fire-maned robot horses does not instill confidence. I get that the promoters want to illustrate that attendees will have a face-shredding good time, but at least have the horses BREATHING fire. I mean, really.
  2. Associating a music event with Rockstar energy drink automatically classifies this show as a cavalcade of douchebaggery.
  3. Godsmack? You sure this isn’t for Mayhem Fest 2001?
  4. Fire-maned robot horses?
  5. The “and more” part of the band listing fills me with dread. Can we also expect Staind? Hoobastank? Dave Matthews Band?
  6. Why does the skeleton rider have a bolt of lightning in his/her hand? Is he/she taking on Zeus for reign of Olympus?
  7. Since this is a festival, can we expect more than one day of this? Because I don’t think the concertgoers want to leave their meth labs unattended for too long.
  8. Can we place bets on the amount of mosh pit injuries? I’ll predict “not enough.”
  9. Do they offer babysitting services at the event? It would be a great way for the whole family to share the share the shame.
  10. Seriously, fire-maned robot horses?

2 thoughts on “Tickets to Mayhem Fest 2011!

    1. Thanks for the reply, Owldolph,

      I’m glad that you can hide behind a fake name (REALLY? “Owldolph Hootler”) and email address to use homosexual slurs just because someone has a different opinion than yours. I feel sorry for people like you that lash out at others through hatred because they cannot handle differences in tastes — musically, racially and sexually.

      Maybe you should think about why a satirical blog brought out such intense feelings in you to anonymously bash a stranger, using words to hurt. And yeah, in this case, using “faggot” is not the same way most people use it as slang to mean “stupid” or “dumb.”

      But then again, I’m assuming you will read this comment and be able to comprehend it. Because talking to someone that only knows how to have conversations with hate speech and poor grammar is like hitting one’s head repeatedly against a brick wall.

      So, hey, different opinions, like differences in people, are okay. But when you express yourself, you can do so in a way that shows that you can walk upright and rub two brain cells together like wooden branches.

      I hope this helps. And thanks for reading, “Owldolph Hootler.”


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