Celebrate Presidents Day and Easter at…

When your kids want a special present from the Easter Bunny and you find your wallet as dry as the Alkali Flats, trade in your gently manhandled electronics and guns to the Chandler Pawn Center!

And if you want to explain the concept of beastiality to your confused boy or girl, unsure of how or why a human would want to mate with a creature that they eat for dinner, you can show them this picture!

But never mind that. You only want to provide the best for your family, and your PlayStation 1 looks crappy on your heavy, tube-based TV. Why not ramble down to Chandler Pawn Center and grab some new HD gear? Buying used equipment ensures that those foreign electronics companies don’t get your ‘merican money!

So mosey on down to the Chandler Pawn Center, where you can arm yourself with guns, games and great deals!

Resident approved.

Across the street from the Chandler Gun Shop Apartments!


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