Cannibalistic Cartoons

I’m always disturbed by companies that use cartoon characters to sell their food products — specifically, mascots that are seen eating the food they’re selling:

In what bizarro world is it sane for a fish to eat another fish? Is this the same world that deems it okay to advertise that you sell fish that eats its own kind?

I’m mystified by the mindset that a consumer would buy something because a fictional drawing would murder and/or devour the flesh or fluids of its related beings. For example, my local grocery store carries Hickman’s (*giggles*) Family Farms eggs, and I’m regularly disturbed by their pitch hen advocating murder and eating of its babies.

"My kids are cool... and delicious."

It’s like seeing a cow chow down on a burger or a pig loading up a plate of bacon: sure, it’s cute — they’re acting like people! — but the illustrated behavior is sociopathic at the least and straight-up homicidal with a twist of mental illness at the worst.

But hey, it sells, right? We’ll see when the shoe’s on the other foot:


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