Random Thoughts

With an ever-busy schedule and attempting a social life, blogging regularly is sometimes a chore. With a world of things happening, thoughts are as varied and scattered as whatever fake issue FOX News decides to blow up into a scandal. Therefore, in the spirit of brevity, I’ll be as concise as possible with the following:

Gay Marriage

Gay marriage is back in the news with backers of Proposition 8 in California trying to strike down the ruling that allowed lawfully-recognized same-sex unions because of the judge’s sexuality. (Brevity: negated.) There are several reasons why supporters of Prop. 8 and opponents of gay marriage are and will be ridiculous:

  • Gay marriage protesters — the ones actively picketing and getting legislation to strike down same-sex marriages — are the equivalent of busybody neighbors, concerned that their neighbor’s son’s hair is getting too shaggy or that the minister’s daughter is rumored to enjoy a drink of alcohol. Like in these silly examples, the so-called problems do not concern the onlooker in the slightest.
  • Those using the Bible as their argument crutch are more likely to pick and choose the parts of the Good Book to obey or interpret as they wish. If people believe that man lying with a man is an abomination (or even more annoying, those that say “Doesn’t saying anything about woman lying with a woman — hur hur hur”), how about that whole lying thing being a sin? How about marriage being solely a Christian thang?
  • The whole sanctity of marriage being a reason to deny gays the right to marry? BULLSHIT. There is no sanctity of marriage. Blame its disappearance on reality shows hawking phony unions, divorce, or more commonly, people marrying for selfish reasons unrelated to love and trust until death do you part.
No they aren't, you asshole.
Summary: denying homosexuals the right to marry is bigoted, propped up by ambiguous language from thousands of years ago by selfish people for today’s selfish people.
Internet Discourse
People do not give much thought — if any — or care to how they portray themselves online. Much of your daily communication — be it through social media, other websites, text or email — is in digital form, professionally or extracurricular, and yet few people care about grammar, spelling and/or sentence structure, let alone manners.
I’ve covered this before, and cyberbullying and tone are some of the annoyances in dealing with people online. But people shrug it off with the “internet isn’t serious business” defense. You are still conversing with people. You would most likely not say the majority of those things in public to another person. Anonymity to hide behind is BULLSHIT. Take responsibility and learn to use your words.
Driving in Arizona is like putting people in straitjackets behind the wheel. My mom, visiting from Chicago, remarked that tail-gators are a phenomenon here, and I agree. They don’t know how to change lanes to avoid slow drivers. Also, they don’t know how to vacate the right lane to allow drivers to merge onto highways. Oh, also, they cross five lanes of traffic like they’re aiming for NASCAR’s pit row.
The Walmart Supercenter on Baseline Road and Country Club Avenue in Mesa always smells like farts upon entry. Not a good thing to associate with your store and corporation, Mesa Walmart Supercenter.
Ashton Kutcher and Two and a Half Men
Somehow, Two and a Half Men averages millions of viewers for new and syndicated broadcasts. Sadly, Charlie Sheen’s public, tiger blood-fueled implosion has not buried the show in his ego grave.
News leaked last week that That ’70s Show alum/douchebag Ashton Kutcher would replace Sheen for the show’s ninth season. For that brain-traumaed cross-section of Kutcher/Two and a Half Men fans that don’t remember similar replacements on shows like Happy Days and Spin City (Sheen replaced Michael J. Fox!), enjoy the new iteration while it lasts.
But oh, how will they explain Sheen’s character Charlie Parker disappearing into the television attic — like little sister Judy from Family Matters? Simple: a memoriam episode. Show Charlie walking out to his car, insert stock footage of a car explosion and loop 20 minutes of a car fire mixed with harried screams of Charlie dying in the flames. Cut to black.
Diehard fans will have their catharsis, completists will have the mystery solved, and absurdists like myself will have a new YouTube clip to loop like a dog eating a human heart.
People and Hair
Nerds, geeks, dorks, dweebs and sloths: stop with the terrible hair. Stop with the ponytails, the balding cul-de-sac with ponytail, the mullet, skullet and Lancelot dos. It’s embarrassing and often smelly.
Twitter and Bigotry
Like all social media, Twitter is a fast — if not the fastest — way to spread your views to people. And Twitter Trends and hashtags often show views of racism, sexism and homophobia. The Root had an eye-opening piece on how African-Americans use Twitter, often to embarrassing results. Thing is, all races, colors, creeds and genders do the same.
It is sad that such a powerful information resource — used to spread awareness of Middle East political unrest, for example — is usually an outlet of hate speech. And people claiming that it is all humor are even more hateful and cowardly. Again, think about how you use your words and own up to them.

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