Celebrate the Pending Zombie Apocalypse At…



When the rotting undead rise from their supposed burial grounds in an outbreak of the much lauded zombie virus, lurching forward thanks to their collective, single-minded thirst for human brains, know that you can wait out the divine cataclysm sure to fell human civilization in the Chandler Pawn Center with their bargain-basement prices.


But not all will be lost, for surviving the end of the world will net you first dibs on quality electronics, musical instruments and firearms! Climbing over the decaying remains of your neighbors, friends and loved ones will be bittersweet when you can take back the gold chain you pawned to make rent.

It IS the American way, after all, to sacrifice your peers for low, low prices.

So chin up! Fight off the hordes of the zombified remains of humanity with the spoils found at Chandler Pawn Center. It could be worse: you could be fighting off wave after wave of supernatural necroses in a movie theater playing Green Lantern.

Resident approved:

Head coverings not allowed, religious people.




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