Smarter than your average barista.

So Bed Bath & Beyond doesn’t think much of the people that serve you — and them — coffee:

Look at Bed Bath & Beyond, getting all SASSY with their marketing.

I bet that the copywriter wrote this at 8:15 a.m., fuming over the long wait at Starbucks and the rookie barista mixing up orders. And what better way to take out their anger about the missing extra pump of caramel from the Caramel Macchiato than to take the starch out of THAT jerkface barista’s sails with a well-placed insult about their profession for an email marketing campaign for Tassimo beverage makers! THAT’LL LEARN ‘EM.

I hope they are ready to apologize when they’re in the Starbucks line wearing their BBB name tags.


2 thoughts on “Smarter than your average barista.

  1. i googled that subject line just to see if anyone else was offended by it. needless to say i wrote an email to bbb informing them of my anger and disappointment that they would use such a poorly chosen slogan. i feel like a trip to starbucks now. while im there im going to appreciate the hell out of my barista.


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