Portable Pork Ribs!

Hey, gang! Have you ever been on the go, running errands or finishing a tough workout and thought to yourself, ‘Gee, I sure could go for some ribs?’ I BET you have!

Hormel Foods has answered your long-wanted desire for active rib enthusiasts with Lloyd’s Snack Rack Ribs!

Yes, you can now satiate that yearning for pig flesh with six SNACKtastic varieties — including Honey Mustard, Spicy Buffalo and Tango Mango! And trust me, if you’ve never had ribs artificially flavored to taste like mango, the sodium phosphates and “flavoring” will convince you that you are indeed tasting flavoring.

Lloyd’s Snack Rack Ribs can be eaten anywhere!

With bros!

In the car while driving!

At the beach!

At a baseball game!

And in the boudoir!

So get on your pajama jeans, get to your local supermarket and get your teeth into some Lloyd’s Snack Rack Ribs! You’ll never go ribless again!

Now with prune juice concentrate!


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