The Mainstream “Lamestream” Media

Aside from the fact that chronic dipshit Sarah Palin attacked the so-called mainstream media — through said mainstream media — for her (ignorant) view of them focusing on one side of the story, the idea of the media being partisan/unequal is bunk. Absolute bunk.

Brass tacks time:

  • Every channel you watch is part of the mainstream media

Whether it is CNN, MSNBC, FUX News or HLN (Hell’s Loathsome Network, or Headline News — whatever), they are all staffed by professional (the level of this professionalism is questionable) employees that are part of unions, committees, staffs and clubs dedicated to delivering a product to you, the audience. Some have White House press credentials; this would not be possible if they were not considered a mainstream news delivery vehicle.

Also, more and more stations are polishing their news to cater to particular audiences. MSNBC attracts more democratic voters; FUX (yes, FUX) News is geared towards mouth breathers — it’s science. And the farther to the left or right you are, the more likely you will seek news that validates your beliefs; that’s the definition of one-sided.

"And here's another statement based on children's fables!"

In other words, TV is part of the mainstream media.

  • Some of the news websites are part of the mainstream media

Similar to the first point, some of these organizations have press credentials. Many subscribe to following journalistic standards — some more stringent than others. Chances are that they use reputable information, employ people that strive to do quality work and deliver content that would be trusted by other news outlets, let alone human beings.

On the other hand, just about anyone can create a website for political news. And for every CNN, there are hundreds of “Jethro’s Freedom Fighters Against Darkies” blogs and “OBAMA EATS WHITE BABIES” Usenets. (Not sure if “Real Americans” use Tumblr.) And Jethros only care about their version of the truth. At least most of CNN’s stories are fact-checked; Jethros should be checked for mental illness. Would you trust someone that writes like a crazy cat lady shrieks?

"Now comes my 2-minute tantrum COUNTDOWN!"

Summary: a good amount of news websites can be considered the mainstream media.

  • Many radio, stations newspapers, podcasts… you know where I’m getting at

Much of the content you read, watch or listen to is a part of the dreaded mainstream media. Unless you are holed up in your house or in a bunker with one eye on the door/cave hole and getting your info from secret feeds, others are picking up that same content. So stop boasting about being a “maverick” or putting down the news outlets for being “one-sided” when you are more likely to gravitate to things that parrot your opinions. The only things lame about the “lamestream” media are the hypocrisy from its critics that take advantage of it for their own means and the assholes that are blind to their ignorance.


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