M.E.N. Manifest Everything New

I am all for being in touch with your feelings and communication, but most men do not need this. We’ve won society. Penises rule everything around us, companies get the money, dollar dollar bill, y’all.

I like bonding with my bros, but it’s not to feel safe from the big bad world of feminine hygiene products and the Devil’s Triangles they inhabit. I think dudes have enough support without reducing the society to US against THEM.

Perhaps my view of masculinity and the oligarchy has been permanently scarred by the shit-heap of macho-based television this fall (the tripe-fecta of How to Be a Gentleman, Last Man Standing and Man Up!), the testosterone in opposite-world soft drink and the man-up Miller Lite advertising campaign. Maybe I’m tired of the rampant sexism that is pro-men, exhibited by men AND women. Maybe I’m just cranky. However you slice it, this group and its message is just silly.

And “Manifest Everything New”? FOR FUCK’S SAKE.


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