Cox Communications is Insensitive

I opened my mailbox a few days ago and found this:

There are several things wrong with this.

  • I did not solicit this “special offer”
  • A “special offer” is not one that a company hawks on its websites, commercials and billboards on a daily basis
  • Attempting to sell someone on a “special offer” by showing how much more expensive the costs would be is not a “special offer”
  • Trying to up-charge your “valued customer” is not actually valuing your customer
The most damning thing about this and similar junk mail is its crassness. We are in the throes of economic turmoil; unemployment is at more than 9 percent; millions are struggling to acquire basic necessities, let alone paying for cable; and citizens are protesting corporate greed all over the world. I am lucky to have a roof over my head and the ability to provide for myself, and even that is a tough job. And greedy, aloof corporations like Cox trying to milk even more money from its so-called “valued” customers show what they truly value.
More and more people are cutting the cable cord and turning to online entertainment. With such short-sighted, covetous cable companies squeezing its consumers dry, junk like this is the last straw.

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