Random Truth Nuggets

I have a million thoughts rambling through my head in a given minute of the day. Some of these find their way to social media–including random observations of daily things, my hatred/self-hatred of watching ESPN daily, my disgust for the Kardashians, and my hatred/self-hatred of watching a Kardashian-starring show. Others are stored away in the part of my brain that is at odds with my sanity, fighting it out until I unleash the thoughts on a blog much like this one.

And then there are times when there’s so much that happens repeatedly that it needs to be unfurled like a party favor, which I also occasionally do on this here blog. And so in an effort to unpack the crazy from my brain holder, I’ll foist my rambling thoughts on you fine folks. They might not make sense, they might seem inconsequential, and they might not have a shred of truth, but HEY! Don’t you be judging my thoughts!

  • I don’t get why people brag about their lives, whether it’s in person or on social media. Should I be impressed? WHY should I be impressed? The efforts come off as insecure and make me like the person less.
  • The phrases “Do you, boo,” “It is what it is,” “Shut up!” and “I know, right?” are conversation fillers that do nothing to enhance dialogue. Much like jeggings and Ryan Seacrest, they are irony-free, charisma voids created in a Los Angeles back alley by rogues that did not know the evil they would unleash.
Does he FEEL?
  • Doctor and TV personality Dr. Drew could retire if he put the casts of Basketball Wives on therapy for 2 years. If nothing else, he can be paid mercy money from insurance companies for not having property damage at their fancy restaurants.
  • I’ve been emotionally affected more often the past few years when listening to certain songs or watching particular TV shows. I pin it on getting older, but those pesky “feelings” things bubble up every once in awhile. (I was shaking for a good half-hour after watching the season 2 finale of Veronica Mars. Great show, by the way.) I actually like the fact that I can feel things, though that might get my “man card” taken away.
  • Sometimes I feel like an oddity. Being an “articulate” black man (the fact that “articulate” is still said in surprise when talking about black folks from around the way to President Obama shows how far we have to go regarding racial relations) with a love of absurd humor and rock music is like hosting a Will & Grace reunion special in Mississippi–a curiosity at best and grounds for a hate crime at worst.
WHY do you hate "Real Americans," Will and Grace?
  • Actress Olivia Wilde has been in quite a few crappy movies. Kate Beckinsdale and Milla Jovovich have been around longer and have the market cornered on turd cinema, but Wilde might best them yet.
  • Fall weather! It’s slightly cooler in Arizona, so nights of 40-50 degree weather mean that I can curl up in a duvet like a human taco, throw on a jacket or zip-up sweater to go out, and leave the air conditioning off at all times. It’s one of the few things I like about Arizona.
  • We should not be disputing someone’s ethnicity or racial status based on whether or how they conform to stereotypes; it is two-thousand and eleven, after all. And yet it is common, even encouraged, to question and degrade someone because they do not measure up to the preconceived notions that ignorant jackasses have branded them with. Whether it is a white person questioning someone’s blackness or Japanese Americans making fun of a peer because they don’t act or talk like them, it is shameful, asinine, cowardly and an sad insight into their witless minds. Right, Herman Cain and others? No one’s ethnicity can be measured by whatever has been drilled in your head by lame jokes, racist relatives and stupid TV shows, and know that I respect you that much less for thinking otherwise.
I was once called "Urkel," a highlight from my high school years.
  • Between air conditioning issues, clogged drains, a broken deadbolt, garage door issues and a termite infestation in my new place, I’m imaging the next problem. My money is on a roof cave-in from torrential frog storms.
  • There is a lot of crappy TV on lately. It’s not that the amount of terrible shows have appeared suddenly (right, Last Man Standing?) but there are so many good programs (Breaking Bad, Community, LouieMad Men, Parks and Recreation, and Sons of Anarchy, for starters) that the lousy ones stand out that much more–not to mention potentially horrific sitcoms coming from Dane Cook, Fred “YEAH!” Durst of Limp Bizkit and Snoop Dogg.
  • The Proactiv or whatever acne-treatment commercial with the woman bragging about now being the “hot mom” is everything that is weird with America, if only because it means that she is probably a teacher and will carry on an affair with her history student.
  • I talked with someone recently about becoming a foster parent. It wasn’t an official chat (it was with someone on Facebook) but they gave me contact information and things to consider. While it will be a few more years before I feel in a stable place to really do it, I am planning on it.

* * *

So that’s what’s swimming up in my ol’ noggin. I’ll understand if you avoid my tweets and de-friend me on Facebook. I have operatives on the inside, anyway. MWAH HAH HAH HAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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