America is NOT Post-Racial

If you have been living under a rock or in a cave since… forever, don’t believe anyone that says that America is no longer a racist place.

Example: this story from Racialicious.

Here’s a video of an exchange with two kids about their experiences:


This subject is close to my heart for many reasons. My first experience with racism came in first grade when my teacher ostracized me for my skin color and introverted nature, having me put in a special ed program before a conference with my parents and good grades got me pulled from the program. (My brother had similar problems with the same teacher a year later.) As pre-teens, my brother and I were called the n-word while on vacation in Orlando, Florida, by a group of kids (as least teenagers) in a passing car.

In sixth grade, I was confronted by a police officer in front of my homeroom, questioned for a crime I didn’t commit. The supposed person fit my description, which was suspect because I was a chubby kid with a Kid ‘N’ Play haircut, and I was clad in an orange smock and large green coat–my uniform for a school safety patrol where I watched the bridge to prevent trouble. That year, I was again called the n-word by a classmate that I had known for years; the girl was in a troubled home, perhaps acting out because of a horrible stepfather.

So I’m a bit sensitive when it comes to kids being attacked due to the color of their skin. Hell, anyone being discriminated against for something they cannot control is an issue for me. But to think that people can put their heads in the sand regarding racism because we have a black president (*well, we’re done with this racism argument!*) is a liar and more than ignorant.

There is no arguing that racism exists, and people can justify their beliefs due to not having reason to change. There are media outlets, political parties and organizations that breed and cultivate that ignorance for their own gain. Racism is still institutionalized in the workplace, education and government. Society rewards those that are not minorities in those sectors, from financial to interpersonal relationships; look at the statistics for those of color doing the same work as a white person or try to adopt a white child in comparison to a minority child.

Things are stacked against EVERYONE ELSE. And it is heartbreaking that children learn this at such a young age. Perhaps articles and videos like these will get people to confront that unfortunate truth and finally get some real dialogue going. I can only hope this happens.


3 thoughts on “America is NOT Post-Racial

  1. Well said! I have had a conversation with my classmates here in Paris about race. Some of them are blind to it in America as well. I have had to explain that because they know that one black person from their neighborhood that is doing well does not mean racism isn’t a problem in America.

    I’ve also dealt with some shock and awe when I tell people I’m from NJ (and living in Paris for graduate school). Expectations for us aren’t held very high. We have to continue to shine and rise above others’ ignorance so they will begin to see us as equals.


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