iRob! Wants You to Lie

I’ll answer this Facebook ad thusly:

  • Yes, I like to laugh.
  • Of COURSE I like to win. I’m an American, dammit.
  • Take a whack at WHA? A virtual piñata? They MAKE those now?
  • I didn’t know CBS made actual comedies other than How I Met Your Mother.
  • What the FUCK is iRob!? Oh, it’s a TV show. It has Rob Schneider? Wait, HE got a show? And you want ME to attempt to win a trip to see where this monstrosity will be taped? It might not be on the air by the time I pack my bags, CBS.

I admire your persistence to get actual fan support for this… THING. Hell, 799 people on Facebook liked the ad out of pity, I’m guessing. But playing on people’s desire for thoughtless “comedy” built upon racial stereotypes on the shoulders of an increasingly unfunny lead that failed upwards is a recipe (probably made of tortillas, meat, cheese and salsa; beat you to the ethnic zinger, CBS!) for a disappointment to some and a bigger punchline for fans of good television than the show will ever deliver.


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