Stupid MSN News

It’s been almost 3 years since I pointed out the stupidity of MSN’s news headlines. In that time, plenty has changed in American pop culture: Kim Kardashian got married and divorced, Kardashian momager Kris Jenner had a facelift, and the groundswell of hate against the Kardashians begs to swallow up millions of people underneath their texting shoes.

Any-whodini, the times, they are a-changin’. But what hasn’t changed is MSN’s penchant for writing asinine headlines. And my recent re-exposure to their stupidity (thanks to Microsoft’s latest version of MSN Messenger or whatever they’re calling it) has created a new wrinkle in my forehead. I took that as a sign to document my irrational hate in blog form. Lucky you!

  • Let’s be honest: the dog is a better actor. It EMOTES.

  • Coke will not rest until we are rid of that OJ problem. Good thing the Juice is no longer loose.

  • Now who in their right mind would need anti-bullet underwear? Who’s aiming for their junk?


  • This is a thing? Do they put the plaque on their town sign?

  • I hope this goes better than the time Ellen interviewed the whale blowhole.

  • You THINK?










  • (See above snark)

  • Geez, ’80s Madonna/2011 Lady Gaga wouldn’t whine this way.

  • The jobs won’t come from the asphalt underneath that overpass, possibly suicidal idiots.

  • I guess things really haven’t changed, MSN News. Never change.


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