Bookmans Finds!

Bookmans Entertainment Exchange is one of my favorite places in the Phoenix area to browse for video games, movies, music and books (who would’ve thunk it?). They also attract some of the stranger merchandise one can hope to come across if they enjoy kitsch in ironic or genuine ways.

Here are some recent finds:

I wonder if his marriage to himself was worth the collector status.

Coach Coz might need some coaching on how to get out of creepy-based lawsuits.

  • Chapter 1: get a lot of money
  • Chapter 2: stop paying taxes
  • Chapter 3: get caught by IRS
  • Chapter 4: question knowing everything

The overly-publicized OJ Simpson trial is back, in pog form!

It’s not whether you win or lose, but whether you lose–at being a GIGANTIC DICKBAG.

Hey hey hey, where did my melanin go?

I feel kinda bad that this ended up here. No kidding around.

OKAY: It was an evening I shared with a used bookstore…

Sage advice, Lois.

Hey kids, see how men put women in their place back in the good ol’ days–in WACKY cartoon form!


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