A New Level of GOP Racism

Rational people can admit to the staggering amount of racist rhetoric in the GOP race. Rick Perry, Ron Paul, Rick “Frothmaster” Santorum and Newt “Put Black Kids to Work” Gingrich have made cases for the coveted pointy white hat in the race to collect voters that respond to prejudiced soundbites. But maybe they’ve been too direct.

Direct, you ask?

Yep. For every rhetorical desire to get back to the good ol’ days (that also constitutes segregation, women being trapped at home, and Jim Crow laws), there are yokels that flat-out put the racism out there. (Okay, those two examples are from the same person. STILL.) Why not just code the message? That’s what Republican senate candidate Pete Hoekstra has done with his Debbie Spend-It-Now website:


Who is Debbie “Spend-It-Now” Stabenow? At first glance, Debbie is a xenophobic Chinese woman that delights in the so-called worsening U.S. economy. And a GREAT web designer. But peer behind the white curtain and you’ll see a racist pulling the strings of ignorant puppets:


But wait, you cry out. I haven’t heard of Debbie Stabenow.

Yeah, Debbie is a Michigan senator, but she may as well be a stand-in for President Barack Obama. And Pete Hoekstra is too much of a chickenshit to grind his axe on a visible target, instead farming out the racism to a fictional Chinese character to maximize the hatred and idiocy (and sexism) of the Tea Party voters he seeks. Need more proof?

So because Pete Hoekstra is too much of a weakling to directly state what he thinks, I’ll man up for the both of us:

FUCK YOU, Pete Hoekstra.

FUCK YOU up your cowardly, soft- and yellow-bellied, Klu Klux Klasshole. I hope that you lose.


History will paint these hate-filled, bigoted, insipidly backwards politicians as the second-coming of the Second Red Scare of the 1950s. And like the McCarthyism that plagued that era, the use of fear-mongering and lies to advance a selfish agenda aimed at protecting the interests of a select few at the expense of many will be something future generations will hopefully learn from.


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