The “REALLY?” of Douchebags

Ed Hardy merchandise is out of control. Water, car seat covers, wine, laptop bags, luggage, shoes, other crap: you can find just about anything to fit your a-hole lifestyle, now at discount prices! They WANT you to buy it, and I weep for us all.

Let’s get this over with.

Block out the harsh sun rays AND scare your kids early!

The panther face on the crouch won’t be the only thing that makes your romantic partner laugh.

Pairs well with business slacks for corporate wear.

It’s like a harness that contains your douchebaggery.

Tip Human Resources off on who will be attending the sexual harassment seminar!


8 thoughts on “The “REALLY?” of Douchebags

  1. Ugh, I will forever associate Ed Hardy with my 10 year HS reunion, where all the losers from high school came clad in Ed Hardy wardrobes trying to prove that they had “made it” in the world. Yay, congrats, you sleep with/are hookers.


  2. its very sad that my dad LOVES ED hardy. He’s fifty and owns this one ED HARDY sweatshirt, and it thinks its super cool . He says its his “wear around the house sweatershirt” who knew a big koi fish sweatershirt was a “wear around the house” sort of thing.


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