Leaked: SPIN Magazine’s 2012 Publishing Schedule

SPIN magazine is like that one literate friend that’s slightly behind the cultural curve: it’s well-written and has solid, varied reviews; and its cover stories are the equivalent of your mom discovering email. Good examples of this are their October 2011 cover story on Skrillex and dubstep (also known as The Soundtrack to Satan’s Bowel Movements) and the December 2011 write-up on those rascally scamps known as Odd Future (example: did you know that rappers can be crude AND cuddly? AWW…).

Aww... the albino twins from The Matrix Reloaded had a baby!

Being the inquisitive silly-billy that I am, I wanted to see what SPIN had up their sleeves before they went off to press. And would you believe their 2012 publishing schedule was laying out in the open? Yep, right at the Target checkout. Crazy, eh? So I thought I would share.

  • January/February 2012: The Best of 2011 (already happened)
  • March/April 2012: Whoa, The White Stripes Broke Up!
  • May/June 2012: Who’s This Lana Del Rey Broad???
Oh, HER.
  • July/August 2012:Donald Glover: Actor AND Rapper?!?!?!?
  • September/October 2012: Did You Know The Red Hot Chili Peppers Released An Album Last Year?!?!?!?!?????
  • November/December 2012: ADELE, ADELE, ADELE!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????

I can’t wait for their Best of New Wave issue in September 2013!


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