Other Nicknames for Jeremy Lin

  • Lin City
  • Linticular Lens
  • Lint
  • Refuse Lin
  • Lin Blossoms
  • Lin Cup
  • Holiday Lin
  • Living Lingle (“In a basketball kind of world, I’m glad Lin’s got my bros”)
  • Next of Lin
  • Linkerbocker
  • BreakLin 2: Electric BoogaLin
  • Lin and Tonic
  • iLin!
  • Linp Bizkit
  • Lincraft
  • Linny and the Jets
  • Lin Inch Nails
  • Holiday Lin Express (“I’m feeling baller already.”)
  • Shark Lin Soup
  • Linterest.com
  • Lin and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
  • Walmart Bargain Lin
  • Planned PareLinthood
  • BandwagLin
  • Fairweather Lins
  • RidicuLins
  • Flash in the Lin

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