Bookmans Finds 2: Strange Never Sleeps

Browsing the racks of Bookmans Entertainment Exchange yields a free trip back in time to when America was a bit more innocent about pop culture. If you ever want to give your neck a workout by shaking your head a few dozen times, check out these pictures:

Who let someone wrestle THIS prize from their Fort Knox-like grip?

Is that… Worf from Star Trek: The Next Generation?

Jar-Jar now HAS to sleep with one eye open.

I understand the frustration of the person that did this; what a horrible character.

Sample question: How MUCH of a geek minstrel show is The Big Bang Theory?

A. Sort of


C: All of the above

The only thing “collectible” about this toy is its enticement for dust. And laughter.

“In Soviet Russia, Cabbage Patch Kid offensive shill for you!”

HOW equipped is that Chippendale’s commando? (I’m talkin’ about his penis.)

“Heeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…re’s my shitty recording album/Happy Days marketing tie-in!”



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