Racists and Obama

I saw this on Facebook (thanks to Lance Lucas) and had to share its awfulness:

Another reminder that America is NOT post-racial.

No matter what your political beliefs may be, racism should not be tolerated. End of story.


6 thoughts on “Racists and Obama

  1. I have been staying in Arizona with my grandparents for the last few days and I have been exposed to much more FOX news than I can normally tolerate. They accused Chris Rock of “attacking an innocent camera person” when the interviewer started asking Chris about comments he had made calling the Tea Party racist.
    First, he did not attack the camera person, he attempted to take the camera away.
    Second, although the Tea Party officially a racist organization, many of its members are EXTREMELY racist.


    1. Exposure to FOX News is damaging for anyone’s health. The Surgeon General should mandate a warning message on the bottom of the screen. Their ability to create fiction out of thin air is the stuff of legendary wordsmiths.

      Sorry that you’ve had bad experiences while visiting Arizona. (I’ve been here almost 7 years and have made level-headed friends.) But yeah, Arizona and FOX News be crazy.


  2. One of my friends posted this yesterday, leaving me feeling alternately surly and saddened. I ended up reposting my old article on discussing race openly with kids (something I looked into a lot right before my son was born) as a way to shift myself a slightly more hopeful direction, but . . . damn if that isn’t a depressing sign of how very far we have left to go.


    1. It really is, and yet there is a movement of people that let the racism go unchecked under the guise of fighting “socialist” politics.


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