Record Store Day is Today!

If you love, like or even tolerate music, I encourage you to support Record Store Day–which is today!

  • What is Record Store Day? you ask. 

Good question. It is a single day out of the year to celebrate music and independent businesses. Independent music stores–not Walmart, Best Buy, or anything of the like–sell exclusive record and CD releases by musicians and artists, and they put together special events and concerts for customers. It’s a great chance to support local businesses and their/your love of music.

  • How do you celebrate this Hallmark-by-way-of-High Fidelity holiday? 

Simple. Find a local music shop that doesn’t also sell televisions, browse the racks and shelves and buy something–albums, CDs, DVDs, t-shirts, whatever.

  • But why buy music–especially from a local music store?

WOW, you are inquisitive.

That money will go towards supporting your neighborhood independent music shop and maybe even put a dollar or two in a musician’s pocket. If you don’t want some fat-cat asshole artist (*coughChrisBrowncough*) to profit, buy something you like. Don’t want the recording industry to profit? Buy a used CD, and that profit will benefit the music store. Simple!

I went to Stinkweeds Music in Phoenix, which is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year. They’re a great local music store, and they carry the latest music and concert tickets, and they sponsor events. For Record Store Day, they are hosting a barbecue and all-day concerts. I picked up a t-shirt to put money in their pockets.

You don’t have to go to Stinkweeds, but I encourage you to go some indie store and get something.


Genial Black Man approved.


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