Editorial: HBO’s “Girls”

For a show that premiered to 1.1 million viewers (“mediocre ratings”) and recently averaged around 750,000 viewers (according to traditional media resource), HBO’s Girls is the critical darling and/or bulls-eye target for nearly every print and digital publication. (This could be because it’s really getting about an average of 4.5 million viewers per week when DVR, HBO Go streaming and HBO on Demand.) There seem to be more articles about the show than there are viewers.

The show, described as a Sex and the City for a new generation, has been compared and contrasted in nearly every way–from its lack of diversity (nearly every website) to casual racism, the need to talk about the white girls on Girls (ouroboros!), and how its star/creator Lena Dunham isn’t racist because her body is comparable to “fleshy” black women (!!!) (???) (!?!?!?!?).

Sensing a trend, I feel the need to add my two cents to discussion about this watercooler show. And here are my thoughts:

Seriously, people: this topic has been done to death. Let’s beat another dead horse, like the fact that the movie Battleship (featuring music’s Rihanna) is probably not very good.


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