Sheryl Crow’s Least-Favorite Mistakes

(AKA: This concept made me laugh, so actual humor is not guaranteed.)

  • Extolling the fitness benefits of pole dancing to a young Miley Cyrus on the set of Hannah Montana
  • Inspiring then-boyfriend Lance Armstrong to create a second set of charity wrist bracelets, CHEATSTRONG.
  • Acting like she disliked 30 Rock character Liz Lemon during her guest appearance
  • Consulting actor/comedian Paul Reiser for lyrical inspiration for the upcoming Diner Broadway musical
  • Realizing that her foreword for the book Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips was not for the book Tips for Crazy Sexy Cancer
  • Being at least two degrees of separation from former politician John Edwards
  • Telling then-boyfriend Owen Wilson that his nose is “just the right size”
  • Entertaining Kid Rock’s entrepreneurial and political ideas
  • Advising friend Anderson Cooper that having secrets makes you mysterious
  • Having anything to do with the TV show Cop Rock
  • Not warning people that the song “If It Makes You Happy” should be limited to activities not involving psychotropic drugs
  • Switching Michael Jackson’s prosthetic noses as an ill-advised prank
  • Instigating the destruction at Woodstock ’99 after taking Limp Bizkit’s lyrics for “Break Stuff” too literally

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