Stupid MSN News for 2012 (SO FAR)

With news coming out today that Microsoft and NBC News are dissolving the 16-year relationship that brought the world the MSNBC cable television network and, I was reminded of the fact that NBC provided many of the news articles that I’ve mocked over the years on this here blog. I’ve had fun making light of the vague phrases and poor grammar exhibited on their news sites, but like Windows Vista, the end of an era doesn’t mean that you can’t pretend that the once-mighty reign isn’t over.

While NBC will still provide stupid articles with stupid headlines to Microsoft site for a bit longer, I thought it would be fitting to look back on some of the more insipid links of this year that MSN wanted dumb-ass readers to click. Here we go!

Microsoft was preying upon middle Americans that hate welfare, fatties and themselves. And they succeeded.

That “product ingredient”? That kind bud, dawg! (You holdin’?)

Maybe she was “in tears” because the media has been circling her and Katie Holmes like assholes at a Daniel Tosh show.

Who knew that the world wide web gained sentience AND snark powers?

That’s a HELLA lot of weed, bro. (You holdin’?)

That is one life-like bottle!

“This ‘winner’ was called such in quotations because I bullied her in high school” – article writer

SOMEONE’S getting a booty call!

“You’re DEAD, brain! DEAD! Now FUCK OFF!”

I dunno. Can he throw a baseball? Can he mask his steroid use and blow his money right after retirement? Looks like a big-leaguer to me!

I mean they REALLY blow it, dude. They fucked that shit UP. And me and Duff laughed our ASSES off, bro.

His hair is so odd, it’s not even there!


I have enough material for several more blog posts, so look forward(?) to future threats being realized!


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