Twitter Commentators “Don’t Care About Colorado” Shooting

With the senseless, horrible mass shooting at the Aurora, Colorado movie theater early this morning, Twitter has become a hotbed of the usual ignorance and nonsense that comes with tragedy. Don’t believe me? Here are some examples:







At least social media allows us to see who the assholes are.


3 thoughts on “Twitter Commentators “Don’t Care About Colorado” Shooting

  1. OHG! I know there are mass murders every where else, I know people die everyday and like a caring human being I care as much about all the others as I do with Colorado. What’s even worse are all the facebook photos making fun of the shooting. You people are no better than the murderer himself


  2. Wow. What if a senseless action like this happened to one of them and someone said they didn’t care? How would they feel? Just because you or someone you know wasn’t directly affected by something like the Aurora shooting or the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting, these people, these victims, were someone’s friend and family member. Maybe we should all take a minute a picture what we would feel if someone we loved were a victim of a senseless shooting.


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