Hypothetical Statements from Penn State Apologists

“This isn’t fair!”

“I don’t care if players transfer immediately; they’re just pussies.”

“Why couldn’t they just cut women’s field hockey? That would have been enough money to pay the fine!”

“The $60 million Penn State is paying is going to a good cause, I GUESS.”

“First they remove the Paterno statue AND now THIS. Fuck my life.”

“The NCAA’s acting like Sandusky committed murder or something!”

“Why couldn’t the NCAA take away Penn State’s losses, too? Might as WELL, RIGHT?”


“Sandusky was just being Sandusky.”

“Eh, the team didn’t need all those scholarships. It’s a tough economy right now.”

“Joe Pa’s probably in heaven shaking his head.”

“It’s not like the football team needed to go to bowl games. They should be focusing on their studies.”

“But they’re playing this fall, RIGHT? Because I paid a lot of money on these tickets.”

“This is terrible! I wish there was someone I could tell about this.”


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