The Sisterhood of the Travelling Assless Chaps

One of my recent hobbies is frequenting clothing exchange/consignment stores, which are great places for hunting for gently-worn, fashionable nuggets. They’re also a great place to find items that somehow don’t disintegrate under their kitsch or garishness.

I recently browsed Buffalo Exchange in Phoenix, one of a chain of clothing trade-in stores. Now, I don’t know their buying policies regarding delicately-handled sexy-time wear, but this stuck out like a… well, ass crack:

I thought this was an isolated incident, a rush on stocking Halloween leather daddy costume wear. But a few days later at Well Suited in Phoenix, a men’s consignment store by the folks of My Sister’s Closet, I stumbled upon this:

This was either an elaborate prank by someone that followed my shopping store habits, or the economic downturn has hit the club scene pretty hard.

I was tempted to check my local Macy’s for their newest leather goods, but I wanted to wait for their monthly One-Day Sale. Can’t beat cheap chaps!


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