Dear Undecided Voters

Hey there! (No, your computer is not writing you a letter. It’s me, the writer of this blog!)

(Sorry. A blog, or a weblog, is a website where people can post their thoughts in a journal-like format. Someone compared it to graffiti on the internet. They’re probably right, but that’s not the point.)

The presidential election is coming up. You’ve probably heard lots of pros and cons about candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. You’re probably confused about who to vote for; after all, the person that wins will be overseeing the country for the next four years. It’s a tough decision; I get that.

These two men are not preachers; they’re running for president!

The good thing in your favor is that there is lots of information available for you to make an informed decision. In fact, you can use the very same internet that you’re using to browse this blog in order to study up on the candidates. Certain websites traffic solely in worldwide news and political data! Ask your smart friends and co-workers about these. And whatever you do, DON’T get distracted by porn sites. It it too easy to let your eye wander to the naked ladies or dudes, but FOCUS! Porn can wait!

However, you will come across websites that disguise themselves as informative but are really ignorant, racist, sexist and outright horrible in nature. (You can get tipped off by shoddy website design and/or 1850s rhetoric.) Don’t let their persuasive arguments, often poorly misspelled and worded, convince you to their side. YOUR VOTE, YOUR DECISION!

No! NO! Stay on target!

Now people may dissuade you from voting for several reasons: the Electoral College making individual ballots worthless; the candidates flat-out suck; you’re a felon. The list is endless! But STILL. You can feel like you’re making a difference, making a choice for how the country will change or be taken back or whatever shit you hear. You can pull your cart behind whatever horse smells the best!

So let’s skip ahead: you’ve done your research and you’ve hopefully picked your candidate. Now you need to get to your voting place! If you registered to vote, congrats! You should have received something in the mail with the address to get your vote on. If you forgot to register, DAMMIT, YOU! You can’t vote!

But I hope you’ve registered. And I hope that you make a choice as to who will be the leader of the free, often baffling world. But whatever you do, please, Please, PLEASE understand why you’re voting. And don’t lapse on this next time. Get your shit together and get in the game earlier! PORN CAN WAIT!


Genial Black Man


2 thoughts on “Dear Undecided Voters

  1. Interesting read – I think the effect of Superstorm Sandy and Obama’s ‘Presidential’ fortitude over the past few days will do him more good than any campaign event. Romney remains as incoherent and irrelevant on yet another issue, as usual. Check my thoughts:


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