Chris Brown Fan Wants Artist’s ‘Passionate’ Attention

DANBURY, CONN. — Beleaguered R&B singer Chris Brown may have attracted negative attention Sunday with his vulgarity-laced Twitter attack on female comedy writer Jenny Johnson, but the Fortune artist has his backers. In particular, his devoted fanbase, commonly known as Team Breezy, often comes to his defense on social media when their idol is on the critical defense. Some fans, however, act out of jealousy for the verbal and physical tirades Brown bestows upon his female targets.

Singer/actor Chris Brown
(courtesy of

One of those followers, 15-year-old Monica Ortiz, was particularly upset that the 23-year-old singer/songwriter exerted his energy on that “stoopid [sic] comedean [sic] cunt.” The Facebook admin for the Team Breezy Connecticut fan page felt that Brown’s eye could have been directed elsewhere.

“What duz [sic] THAT pasty cracker bitch have dat [sic]I don’t?!!” Ortiz said via email. “What do I hav [sic] to do to get his attentiun [sic]?!?? Kill his dog?!?!?!”

Monica Ortiz

Ortiz was one of many that had Brown’s virtual back in many of the artist’s scrapes with peers like rapper Drake, comedians and writers that criticize the Takers star’s brushes with controversy, and the law. Her response came days after Brown failed to reply or re-tweet to Ortiz’s link to the Breezy-inspired online collage.

“Ive [sic] stuk [sic] by his side thru [sic] thik [sic] and thin,” she said. “I keep hopin [sic] he’ll see how much I care!!”

When asked what keeps her devoted to the “Yeah 3x” singer, she cites Brown’s “passionate” music and “hot ripped bod.” She believes that critics are negative about Brown’s past–not knowing that the fuel of his temper and violent acts past are his “passion.”

“You can just tell that hes [sic] really pasionate [sic] about his music and life,” she said. “People just dont [sic] understand him.”

The “stoopid [sic] comedean [sic] cunt”
(courtesy of Rolling Stone)
Fans like Ortiz have been particularly critical of Brown’s re-connection with R&B star Rihanna. The “We Found Love” singer is regularly attacked by Team Breezy aficionados on everything from her intimate bond with Brown to her “stupid ho face.”

“Why would he want her back?!!?” Ortiz said. “Shes [sic] SO not worth it!! She doesnt [sic] understand him and thats [sic] why he got in trouble!!!”

Ortiz is rallying support on her Team Breezy Facebook page and its 896 Likes, starting a “Leave Chris Alone!!!” movement. The page includes pictures, videos and links to the latest Chris Brown news.


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