“Twenty-One Reasons to See ’21 and Over'”

(Courtesy of Movieweb.com)

Advertisers use the media airwaves, print and digital means to foist their wares, hoping someone will be convinced to buy their product. And the marketers for Relativity Media have won me over regarding their movie 21 and Over. They gave their 21 reasons to watch the latest movie from people behind The Hangover, and dammit it, I’m gonna give my own. I mean, who WOULDN’T want to take in the adventures of college kids wanting to have a good time via debauchery, objectifying women and casual racism? Not THIS guy! *points to self*

  1. The pristine pedigree of the creative folks from The Hangover has NEVER steered anyone wrong. NOT ONCE.
  2. R-rated comedies haven’t worn out their welcome in the slightest!
  3. It’ll make you long for the days when you were 21 and your whole world looked sunny and limitless!
  4. If SOMEONE doesn’t support white filmmakers, WHO WILL?!
  5. Between this movie and the competition opening weekend (Jack the Giant Slayer and The Last Exorcism Part II), it’s like they WANT you to see it!
  6. Hearing the two white kids regularly refer to “friend” Jeff Chang” as “Jeff Chang” is TOTALLY out of respect and not for treating him as a second-class citizen or a weird object.
  7. The will-they, won’t-they tension behind whether Jeff Chang and a hospital visit incited by binge drinking will be worth the journey.
  8. The time-honored tradition of getting blitzed on your 21st birthday is now filtered through bro humor! FIST BUMP!
  9. Look man, if you don’t turn off your brain and enjoy FUN once in awhile, the feminists will, like, win and shit.
  10. The high probability of Asian stereotypes mixed into the booze and drug humor! Ching-chong, smoke-from-bong!
  11. Look at that picture! It’s like a beer commercial, and we get to pay to be there!
  12. If you like looking at lumpy fake breasts, you’re probably in luck!
  13. Hey, the director may have written The Hangover Part II, which may not have been great, but this isn’t The Hangover Part II!
  14. Who WOULDN’T trust THIS GUY to relate the craziness of college life?
  15. The co-writer and co-director (on the left) TOTALLY won’t use the box office money on coke and hookers.
  16. The once-in-a-decade event for Hollywood to anoint the next Long Duk Dong needs to be supported.
  17. There’s a good chance that the theater popcorn will be great.
  18. The theater seats are probably comfier than your couch at home.
  19. Those pre-show movie facts won’t watch themselves!
  20. Look man, if you don’t turn off your brain and enjoy FUN once in awhile, the feminists will, like, win and shit.
  21. Underneath the film’s rambunctious veneer lies a festering underbelly of thought-provoking self-pity, societal pressure, homoeroticism and homophobia. JUST KIDDING; there’s nothing to think about!



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