Future Roles for “The Voice” Chairs

  • Being the first winner of Celebrity Apprentice AND Celebrity Boxing
  • The centerpiece for “The Voice: The Ride” at Universal Studios, operated by Cee Lo Green
  • A brief stint as lead singer of the reunited Destiny’s Child
  • Shakira’s crying throne
  • Being the star of the NBC sitcom Chair-ity Begins at Home
  • A USO tour with Bret Michaels and the remaining members of Hoobastank
  • Taylor Swift’s boyfriend
  • Living off the grid, not taking guff from the fat cats in Washington
  • Heroin addiction, rehab, relapse, rehab, crack, rehab, prostitution, rehab, becoming a born-again Christian
  • A special appearance on Storage Wars as “Spinning chair from second-tier reality singing competition”

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