Beats Pill and Being Offended

Like millions of basketball fans, I watched ABC’s coverage of game 4 of the Golden State Warriors/San Antonio Spurs NBA semifinals Sunday, enjoying the athletic prowess of these hardwood warriors. Being Mother’s Day, my mind had fresh memories of spending time with my own mom (and brother), who had just left for their flight back to Chicago. It was good times, as I love my mom and haven’t had the chance to spend Mother’s Day with her in several years.

So it was a pro-positive female role model day across America. And then this commercial aired:

Seems like a fun commercial for Beats Pill, yeah? Cool tune, impressive photography, models and singer that are easy on the eyes–all necessary for promoting your latest product. But what were they selling? The Beats Pill, the latest music-listening device in Beats Electronics LLC’s empire of high-cost, bass heavy products? Sure. But judging by how they reduced the models to literal props, they’re also trafficking in good ol’ misogyny.

I mean LOOK at one of the last images of the commercial. LOOK!

beats pill

She is a literal object for the product, the human sushi platter of this skeevy party of a commercial. (I’m not surprised that Dr. Dre, Beats Electronics co-founder, would be associated with this mess considering his history.)

If it’s not obvious, I’m offended by the commercial and the creative folks involved. And it’ll be just as obvious to know that there will be defenders of the ad spot as well as the messaging. These white knights of anti-feminism will probably lay waste to detractors with some variation of the party line “You’re looking to be offended.”

Well, here’s a message for those disbelievers: FUCK ALL OF Y’ALL.

  1. If you think people can pick and choose their emotions, that is nonsense. Can you control when something makes you mad? Are you able to dictate when you feel happy? If so, your AI programming is pretty good. But people aren’t robots, nor are they sociopaths. People being offended is a little something called EMPATHY–something that good-hearted people have.
  2. Here’s another thing: why do you care if someone is offended by something not concerning you? What makes it your business that an autonomous human being feels and expresses emotions that differ from yours. And if these thoughts and words do not conflict with how you live your daily life, your high horse is taking up space by butting it into places where it doesn’t need to be. (Give it a chance to relax and feed it some carrots.)
  3. And finally, why SHOULDN’T someone be offended if people are not treated as something other than an equal? I know this flies in the face of my previous point, but we’re all citizens of this society, and I am comforted by the fact that people fought for my civil rights. I try to return the favor by not being a dick to others, and this includes not being a racist, sexist or ageist dickbag. When I do speak out against a collective group, rest assured it’s because they’re trying to hold back the rights of others.

I looked at Beats by Dre’s Twitter account (@beatsbydre) right after the commercial aired, and this was among their tweets in honor of Mother’s Day:

My apologies to no one for being offended by their casual nonchalance.


8 thoughts on “Beats Pill and Being Offended

  1. Why is the man in the commercial in a smart suit and on his feet throughout, while the women are in sexy outfits, lingerie and ridiculous poses?

    If this was an isolated case, it probably wouldn’t be a problem, it would just seem vaguely ridiculous. The problem is that women as objects is pretty much the norm throughout vast swathes of media.


  2. Oh good grief, lighten up and grow up, people!
    Where is your outrage on issues that actually MATTER in Women’s Rights?
    These commercials, as far as I see, take the Beautiful Female Form and allow their Beauty to shine. Not abused or misused in anyway.
    Let’s see some of you dare to speak out against the horrible way islam treats women, then when we have freed them from their lives of slavery, we’ll get back to women in scantily clad clothes in tv commercials.


    1. Thanks for reading!

      A few things about your response:

      1. I’m plenty loose and fun, as you would find if you read more than one of my blog posts. I guess this one was too good not to comment on.

      2. I’m 33 years old. I’m an adult emotionally and mentally, but you flatter me in thinking I’m in need of growing up!

      3. I took note of your comment that the commercials “take the Beautiful Female Form and allow their Beauty to shine” and the liberal capitalization of “beauty” and “beautiful.” Grammar mistakes aside, I don’t have a problem with the feminine form, but I DO have a problem when the same feminine form is a prop for selling a product–as I mentioned in the post, a literal prop to put the product on top of. (Yes, I am fun at parties.)

      4. As far as the “Not abused or misused in anyway,” grammar inaccuracy aside, I would HOPE that a commercial wouldn’t show the abuse of misuse of a woman–let alone a man, child or animal. “Misused”? Like sexually, or like “This woman makes a terrible pencil!”?

      5. I found your enthusiasm for the feminine form to be of interest, so I checked out your Facebook profile page. You really DO love the feminine form! I’m sure these look familiar:

 (with your added comment “…. my Amazon Wish List …..”) (with your added comment “Oh me, oh my, oh you, all these Beautiful Southern Girls, what so ever shall I do…..”) (with your added comment “MY page, I’ll decorate it like I want.
      I think this is PRETTY, prettier than a Van Gough, my page, my taste.”

      I can link the dozens of other examples, but this is more than enough for now. (I’ll address it more further down.)

      5. You asked me to speak out on “the horrible way islam treats women.” First off, that’s deflecting the issue, which is this blog post and the subject of discussion. Second, this seemed addressed to several people, as if I’m not the only one that’s drawn your ire. Third, with the comment “then when we have freed them from their lives of slavery,” you’re suggesting a whole other issue involving American politics and putting hope in a President to do something. (Which is interesting, considering that you don’t think much of the President’s supporters based on your Facebook picture––and I gather, the President himself.)

      I hope you do America a solid and free all these women from their religion, though.

      6. As far as my outrage on issues that actually matter in women’s rights, what SHALL I talk about? What topics am I permitted to talk about? Do I need your permission to type this sentence?

      7. Does your email address “” mean that you like to go 69 on fry cooks? On Venus? Or are you a fry cook seeing a willing 69 partner from the opposite sex (“venus”)?

      In summary:

      – You read my blog (again, thanks!)
      – You are asking a lot of people regarding what you think they should talk about, as people are not mind readers
      – Your support of the “Beautiful feminine form” is based on fetishizing women based solely on their looks (especially if they’re in red, white and blue), and your lack of shame in this is a Women’s rights issue because you do not think of women as your equal.
      – You equate misogyny as not being “misused.” Good to know!
      – You have deep concern for the women of Islam, which is a good first start to having respect for a woman that doesn’t dress in Playboy bunny ears or Hooters shorts for your Facebook photo album pleasure.
      – Your “” email address makes your argument null and void regarding demanding that I grow up.

      Take care, you!


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