Genial Black Man’s Angsty Poetry Corner

poetry corner
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Hey there, hep cats. Saddle up to the small tables near the stage with your coffee drinks: it’s time for the inaugural Genial Black Man’s Angsty Poetry Corner.

Groove on this installment, daddios: a poem about people being bad, man, bullying people and being all square. It was a relic from high school, man, so it’s all emotional. So break out your snapping fingers for “Untitled.”


Dedicated to those who may be tall

While inside they are very small

Picking on those who don’t speak

Only magnifies how much they are week.

The ones who used to be cool

Who now like nothing better than to make you the fool

Inside they are crying for help,

Their bark sounding more like a yelp

The image of someone small and abused

Can inhabit someone big and confused

Because of his pain he lashes out,

At the friends he once cared about

These losers invade the school halls,

Looking for innocent victims to take the falls,

When they find one, they embarrass them to shame,

Even though they realize that they are the ones to blame

For their hurt has transformed them,

Into the jerks who prey on others without solemn,

So do not join in on the bashing,

But look at the ones who are lashing

For the same thing probably happened to them,

That’s the problem with being a victim

*snapped fingers*


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