Racists Celebrating Banner Month of Kid-Bullying

racists kid bullying

THE INTERNET — Racists have used the internet en masse over the past few weeks to advance their agenda of cultural superiority through terrorizing minority children. The subjects of their intolerant ire have been in the cultural spotlight, including 10-year-old Mariachi singer Sebastian de la Cruz, a Mexican-American and the interracial child of a black father and white mother in a Cheerios commercial. This is in addition to the recent decision by the Boy Scouts of America to allow openly-gay scouts.

“It’s been a great time to openly hate people different from us,” bellowed Rush Limbaugh during the June 13 episode of his radio show. “The fact that they’re kids is moot!”

Racists have found their beliefs to be diminishing in tolerance over the years, taking to online sites to vent their frustrations of cultures integrated into mainstream society. With the increased prevalence of minority children in the spotlight this past months, the niche group of narrow-minded people found targets that were less likely to fight back against the online form of bullying.

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter was an outspoken critic of the Cheerios spot. “A black father and white mother is not my idea of the traditional American family. I bet that kid will be robbing liquor stores in 10 years.”

The media attention shone on non-white offspring has bigots rejoicing the fertile ground for airing out their beliefs through the relative anonymity of the world wide web. In response to de la Cruz’s rendition of the national anthem before game 3 of the NBA Finals, Twitter user WHITE_IS_RIGHT™ proclaimed “Beaners singing the national anthem of AMERICA? Not on my watch.” Fellow Twitter user CLANWIZARD was even more excited, yelling “THIS MEXICAN BETTER NOT BE SEEN ON MY STREET.”

Reddit commentator SploogeBomb69 jubilantly offered his online racism regarding the Cheerios ad in this excerpt:

“This isnt the America I know, theyre just foricing  the race issue down out throats! This kid is ugly and black and those parents shouldn’t be togeher!! Obama has made this an issue because hes black and now everything on tv has to be black! and i hate it! Whose with me!” 

Some consider the targeting of children with racially-charged epithets to be cowardly, including articles in Adweek and Huffington Post. This is not lost on the segregation-believing critics, including Facebook user John Johnson. “Yall liberals shut up with that nonsense! We have freedom of speech to say what we want!”

While such incidents of minority kids on the front pages are few and far between, racists have their sights set on the next big child-starring event: the 2013 Little League World Series in August. As Facebook user Tripp Haughton put it, “I wont accept no brown or yellow kids holding up that trophy! Baseball is American!”


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