The Possibilities of Instagram Video

instagram food picInstagram announced today that their photo-sharing app would now include the option for users to create 15-second videos. For the social media network built on food porn and self-absorbed “selfies,” this opens up a new range of options. Think of the opportunities!

  • People talking for 15 seconds about the greatness of the food they’re about to eat!
  • Shaky camerawork as they talk and aim at the same time!
  • Poorly-lit videos!
  • All the pretentiousness!

Who DOESN’T want to see that?

In all (or some) seriousness, this will allow for user creativity to brainstorm new ways to tell stories. Or there will be more pet videos to sift through.

Now that there is competition for Vine, the six-second video application can step into uncharted territory: cat and food pictures.


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